10 Pieces by Local Street Artist Pixie

Janey Fletcher (Pixie) is a local freelance spray paint artist and illustrator, whose work draws you into a colourful view of the world through her eyes. Based in Euroart Studios (on Markfield Road), Pixie makes her living painting murals and teaching, and has worked internationally. She has been using spray paint for over 15 years now, and loves it because she still learns something new every day.

Photo supplied: Janey Fletcher aka Pixie

Pixie hopes to create lots more murals this year to make London a brighter place, and has kindly sent Women in Tottenham her top ten favourite pieces that she painted in North / East London (mainly Tottenham) to share with you.

1. Fountayne Road

2. Craving Coffee

3. Hackney Central 

4. Lordship Recreational Ground

(community project with Lena Cullen on behalf of the S.G.I buddhist organisation)

5. Markfield Park (with 'Crok')

6. Nomadic Community Gardens

7. Open Studios at Euroart

8. Passing Clouds

9. Seven Sisters Road

10. ​Walthamstow Marshes (community project artist trail)

Check out Pixie's website and social media to find out more:

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