Five Local Lady Bar Tenders

We are quite partial to a drink here at Women in Tottenham, so we definitely appreciate the fine people who serve us our tipples at local establishments. Here are five lady bartenders doing their thing in Tottenham.

1. Fleur Adrienne de Boer at The Beehive

Favourite drink: A glass of red or a Bloody Mary on a Sunday. Though I am a sucker for a good Margarita as well!

Most recommend drink to punters at your bar: Probably a pint of 5 Points Pale Ale, just because it is so popular. But if I had to recommend something I like myself I’d probably say a shot of Cazcabel, which is coffee or honey flavoured tequila. So tasty! 

Most treasured bar tool: A polishing/cleaning cloth. I’ve always got (at least) one attached to my trousers.

Favourite place to drink when not at work: Mezcal in Stoke Newington. They make the best Margarita’s in town (plus great food too).


2. Lucy Watson at Five Miles

Favourite drink: Anything short and strong. Or my own Bloody Mary recipe, it’s pretty damn good. (If you find me on a Sunday I’ll make you one ).

Most recommended drink to punters at your bar: You have to try our own beer, Hale Brewing, we make it on site in a shipping container we’ve converted into a mini brewery, it’s as fresh as it gets. If beer isn’t your thing then I’d recommend one of our cocktails on draft, the Gin & Hopped tonic is an absolute must. If you’re feeling adventurous or want to spice up your evening then definitely ask for a Mali-Bomb... You won’t be disappointed!

Most treasured bar tool: I have a waiter’s friend that looks like a pirate, my mum gave it to me.

Favourite place to drink when not at work: Gordon’s Wine Bar for a glass of Malbec, Black Rock for a banging whiskey cocktail, Original Sin for a classic cocktail, and Mannions for a big cold pint of Guinness. I can’t choose just one.


3. Elly Perry at Tottenham Social / Craving Coffee

Favourite drink: White Burgundy, preferably from 2010.

Most recommended drink to punters at your bar: Our Espresso Martini is really fantastic – because coffee is what we do best. We make our own coffee liqueur which we shake with vodka and a fresh double espresso, it’s simple, strong and delicious.

Most treasured bar tool: Our little oak barrel which we use for our Barrel Aged Negroni. It adds a new dimension of flavour and mellows out some of the bitterness.

Favourite place to drink when not at work: I love drinking in Soho, but I couldn’t just choose one bar. My favourites are The French House on Dean Street for a bottle of dry Breton cider and Shampers on Kingly Street for Oysters and fizz. Outside of Soho I’d pick Sager and Wilde on Hackney Road, their wine list changes all the time and you can often find a real bargain.


4. Ella Beedham at Beavertown Brewery Taproom


Favourite drink: If it's in our bar it's got to be a Lupuloid. Otherwise I love a good whiskey sour.

Most recommended drink to punters at your bar: Gamma Ray

Most treasured bar tool: My colleagues . In a busy small space the best tool we have is each other and our ability to twist and turn about the bar to get those drinks served nice and quick.

Favourite place to drink when not at work: At home! There's often nothing nicer than having a glass of red at home in your pjs! 


5. Klaudia Krzyzaniak at The Antwerp Arms 

Favourite drink: I love a double Jameson’s with ginger ale and fresh lime. But I wouldn’t say no to spiced rum or any other whiskey. 

Most recommend drink to punters at you bar: It has to be Fosters. We go through kegs of Fosters like there is no tomorrow. Or ales from Redemption Brewery. 

Most treasured bar tool: Cold glasses. Running out of cold glasses on a busy day it’s a nightmare. Nobody likes a flat pint. 

Favourite place to drink when not at work: I do actually love popping into work on my days off for a drink with the locals. 

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