For The Mummies Who Don't Feel Yummy

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Nonia Jeroh is a born and bred Tottenham woman. Now a mother, she has laid down her roots here, starting two businesses; Pink Mushroom - accessories for mothers and babies, and the Crafty North Londoner, which provides a platform for local designers and makers to exhibit their work. Rachel Ho had a quick chat with this busy mum, to find out more.

Photo supplied: Nonia Jeroh, founder of Pink Mushroom and Crafty North Londoner

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do? 

Dare I say it, I'm what some might call an 'old-timer' or 'a native' having spent all of my childhood and adult life in Tottenham before, during and after bouncing around the globe. 

Describe your relationship to Tottenham.

For me, Tottenham is home and the base for all family gatherings. It's where I live, work part of the week, volunteer and spend my leisure time with friends and family. I'm extremely fond of Tottenham and for those reasons, it played a huge part in my decision to launch my first handmade craft market here back in December 2017. 

What is Pink Mushroom and how did it come about? Pink Mushroom is accessories for the minimalist and the bold, the mummy who doesn't quite feel yummy (we all have those days!) and those who simply want to make a statement, may it be subtle or shout out loud. I make hand painted geometric necklaces for all occasions, as well as teething sensory necklaces, which can also be worn as ordinary jewellery, as the colours are just fab and so much fun.

It was a long time coming and owed to a friend I met on my travels, who would always jazz up an outfit with bold statement accessories.

It was important to create items that were current and accessible for all incomes, and I think the right balance has been struck. 

Photo supplied: Pink Mushroom accessories

Where do you get your inspiration from for the pieces you make? Inspiration is all around me. Drawing from my rich Nigerian heritage through Ankara prints, to popping along to one of the many wonderful independent and quirky local cafes we are very lucky to have. It's crucial to allow the eyes and senses in general to wander and I do exactly that. I also take inspiration from the various colours my son's clothing always seem to turn after a day spent at nursery!

Photo supplied: Pink Mushroom accessories

As a woman, how do you think Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change? You do not have to travel far to see so many women at the helm of businesses, which is wonderful. 

When the new stadium doors open, I would like to see job creation for those who live in Tottenham, or the very least, in the borough of Haringey and a fair wage, greater than the living wage. More support for entrepreneurs above the age of thirty.  An end to all rough sleepers, through disused buildings receiving a public, not private, refurbishment and housed to get them back on their feet. We all deserve a helping hand.

Community services, which were axed to instead prop up other ventures, to be reinstated.

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham? 

Eat. As it stands, we are fortunate to have a vast community with many different cuisines to choose from. It would be a huge shame, not to mention change the face of Tottenham, to lose these outlets as a result of being economically forced out. To follow the path of other areas that have lost the appeal which people were initially drawn to would be disappointing. The Garden House is the best place to eat, as it allows me to seriously indulge all of my cravings, and they took very good care of me during pregnancy. I was the size of a bus, but happy! Most importantly, they are family oriented. 

Anything you would like to add?

People should smile and say hello more often. I'm one of those people who will do exactly that. You see the same faces, just engage. It costs nothing and that's how long lasting friendships are created. 

Do something out of the norm. There's so many activities and groups to join locally. There's a local acrobatic circus group and once I have a better regime in place, I'm looking forward to joining one of the courses and swinging from a giant hoop!

Photo supplied: Pink Mushroom accessories

Find out more about Pink Mushroom and Crafty North Londoner:

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