Working on Fr33dom Road

Fr33dom Road is a new exhibition showcase launching at Bernie Grants Art Centre on 20th July 2018. It celebrates Tottenham's distinctive character through art and music from local residents, including two women from the Fountayne Road community; Maria 'Pia' Fanigliulo and Yasmine Dainelli. Rachel Ho caught up with both of them briefly to find a little bit more about themselves and the project.

Maria 'Pia' Fanigliulo has directed an animated short film for legendary Tottenham rapper Mike GLC’s track, Exodus, as part of Fr33dom Road showcase.

Tell us about yourself and your relationship to Tottenham.

I'm an Italian filmmaker and producer based in Fountayne Road since 2012. During this time, the warehouse community has allowed me to create a wide array of projects, from hand made animations to short films and live projections.

From musicians to make up artists, from actors to fine artists, Tottenham has always provided a strong network of hands-on creatives that has made many ideas possible.

How did you get involved in the Fr33dom Rd exhibition and what are you doing for it?

Fr33dom Road came about as a creative collaboration in the local community. Along with Yasmine and myself, all of our team are deeply connected to Tottenham or based in Fountayne Road: our PR and marketing team, Annafrancesca D'Oronzo and Naomi Issacs; our graphic designer Mie Handson; our event manager Dan Clark and our installation team, Blair Zaye and Dan DeRoy.

I have also collaborated with Yasmine Dainelli several times before and thought that her stunning work could fit perfectly for the initiative. Also I met Dominique Croshaw (another artist involved in the showcase) through Open Warehouse last year and I knew she was curating her own art shows.

The main concept of the exhibition is to showcase Tottenham's psychogepgraphy. It is also a live event to showcase other local creatives. We want to celebrate the area in a way that is based on our experience, free from all the stereotypes and misjudgements.

At the launch event (20th July at Bernie Grant Arts Centre) the well-known DJ Simao will create a very special live soundscape for the event, sampling archival audio footage about Tottenham. Tottenham's iconic rapper Mike GLC will come and perform on the night during a live painting show by Yasmine. We will also be premiering the animated music video that I made for Mike's track "Exodus", using Yasmine's prints and in collaboration with Ritzy Animation.

Still from animation, setting is inspired by Markfield Park

Fr33dom Road is also a social initiative that seeks to boost talent and creativity in a moment when younger generations are being particularly targeted by street violence. We have worked closely with the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London to involve the students in the process and their works will also be on display.

As a woman, how do you think Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change? I think as a woman who likes to get things done, I would like to see more support from local political institutions and organisations and them being more in tune with the energetic ever-changing social tissue of the area.

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham? I have not had much time to do my favourite things lately but I love hanging out at the pubs by the canal and then getting a pizza at Loven. Hopefully I'll do that after the show!

RCA Alumni Yasmine Dainelli, has produced handmade prints for Fr33dom Road and will be performing a live art piece at the launch.

Tell us about yourself and your relationship to Tottenham.

I am an artist from Italy and I moved to London in 2012. When I moved to here I found a place in Tottenham in a small creative community. I've tried to live elsewhere, but always I find my way back to Tottenham. 

Tell us about your art and what inspires you.

My research and practice is based on visual art most on printmaking, drawing and photography. I focus my practice on the research and representation of the territory linking it to the theory of Psychogeography. The act of portraying a space becomes part of an exploratory process with the aim to establish an emphatic relationship with the place.

The world's reality in its continuous temporal change is represented by emphasizing the dialogue between memory and the future. I aspire in my work to reflect this reality, turning a construction into a process where different materials and techniques overlap.

Recently my research is focused on different areas of London trying to observe and represent Londoners and the architecture of this capital. Contrasting the rigidity of the geometrical shape of the building with the organic flow of the people.

What is you involvement in the Fr33dom Rd exhibition and what work you have created for it?

I have produced 'Tottenham Faces' for the exhibition. This work is part of a series of prints that look at Tottenham's past and present to explore the transitional state it is in currently and questions its future. Tottenham has the most multicultural postcode in the world and is one of London's poorest boroughs.

Within the district, there are many different realities playing out at the same time. Many local communities have formed and the sense of community is strong across the district. Still, development in the area has often been inappropriate. Tottenham has had a turbulent history, and many ghosts of the past can still be felt generations later.

The works are based mostly upon housing estates and the key areas of Tottenham's current regeneration, including the Latin American Market, Broadwater Farm and the area around the new Tottenham Hotspurs’ football stadium. The use of architectural drawings underlines the influence of architecture on behaviour and community.

One of Yasmine's prints.

As the sweeping regeneration plans get up to full speed, how will this new wave of architecture affect the many communities that have come to call this place home?

As a woman, how do you think Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change?

I feel that Tottenham is changing losing its identity and communities. I would like to see a Tottenham that gives more voice to the people and communities and less regeneration and new fancy apartments.

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham?

Cyclin by the canal and local parks.

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