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Tottenham Community Press (TCP) is a monthly print newspaper which launched in November 2016. It is a free, independent and community newspaper which can be found in many venues around Tottenham. Luchia Robison recently joined TCP as their editor, so Rachel Ho caught up with her to find out more.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Tottenham, and I’ve been back and forth throughout my adult life.

Describe your relationship to Tottenham.

Tottenham is where I formed my first friendships, it’s where I work and create. I’ve moved away, but I’ve always come back, whether to work, live or both.

Photo supplied: Luchia Robinson,

Editor of TCP

I experience a mixture of familiarity and also the need to reacquaint myself, each time I return. Right now, I am in that reacquainting stage- getting to know places that were not here before I last left. I’m relearning about the place I’ve always known.

You recently became editor of Tottenham Community Press (TCP). Tell us about TCP and what

led you to it.

Tottenham Community Press is a paper that includes the community in its production.

We want people to share their experiences of Tottenham, so we encourage contributions from local people so that different voices and perspectives are expressed.

I am in ongoing communication with people who send in articles, photographs, poetry, artwork and letters.

I was attracted to taking on the role as it offers variety. I report news and edit content, in addition to offering journalistic guidance to volunteer contributors, overseeing distribution and other day-to-day tasks. Working on TCP allows me to combine my interests in community, communication and creativity.

Why is a community paper important for a local area and how can women get involved?

A community paper is important as it puts the local people at the centre of its reporting of

local governance and other public serving organisations. By inviting the public to offer their input, TCP aims to equalise power in ways that other publications may not.

Women can get involved with Tottenham Community Press by letting us know what they are doing in their area- what community projects they are involved in and what effect are they having? I want local women to feel they can share what matters to them.

Photo supplied

As a woman, how do you think Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change?

Tottenham has definitely changed, but I don’t think my perceptions of these changes is particularly related to me being a woman.

There has been investment into the area. Different businesses have started up and new communities have come out of a growing creative sector.

I am interested to see how the current changes will make a difference to Tottenham over the next 10 years or so.

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham?

Bernie Grant Arts Centre is one of my favourite places to work, catch an exhibition or see a play. St Ann’s Library has always been one of my go to places.

Anything you would like to add?

You can read TCP at If you’d like to contribute to the paper, get in touch, at We also have a membership scheme to help support independent journalism in Tottenham. If you would like to join, you can do so here:

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