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In our busy and often stressful lives, what is more appealing than a massage? Here in Tottenham we have our own massage specialist, Leonie Campbell, who grew up in the area and has gone on to start her own business, Massage In Motion London. Leonie can often be found at Tottenham Green Market giving therapeutic treatment, as well as at her own therapy space. Rachel Ho caught up with Leonie to find out more.

Photo Supplied: Leonie Campbell, founder of Massage in Motion London

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up right here in Tottenham! My mum worked for the British Council on the Mall (Trafalgar square). My Dad was an Interior Decorator, a complete perfectionist and healthy workaholic! He always worked 6 - 7 days a week

Describe your relationship to Tottenham.

Tottenham was a great place to grow up, bursting at the seams with different cultures, languages and races. I've always felt extremely lucky to have grown up with West Indian, Asian & Greek cultures around me as the norm. It's great to see that is still a legacy that Tottenham has in bucket loads!

How did you get involved with doing massage therapy?

From an early age I started ballet and contemporary dance - and continued to a high level. After over 20 years dancing I experienced an injury. On my road to recovery I tried many different methods of treatment. For me it was the more holistic therapies that really made the difference and had a tangible effect in aiding my recovery.

This experience coupled with my interest in the body and its mechanics (stemming from dance) inspired me to work with others experiencing difficulties with their own bodies. That first-hand experience has really given me a unique perspective and has positively informed my touch and the way I work with the body.

Photo Supplied: Leonie at work

Being able to draw on my extensive dance experience and continuing to work with the body through body work therapy made sense and felt like a natural career progression

What advice would you give to women who want to do massage therapy as a profession?

Go for it! Touch is the most important skill we have as humans, it affects us physically, emotionally and psychologically.

You can impact someone's mood, emotional state and physical experience with just your hands and some knowledge. The importance of touch is increasingly being highlighted at the most vulnerable points in our lives - right at the start of life with skin to skin contact (parent and baby) and in older age touch is just as important.

So if you enjoy building relationships with people, and would like to positively influence their health massage could be a great fit!

Photo Supplied: Leonie at work

On a practical level dedication to building your client base and patience to allow your business to grow is paramount! I can't stress this enough; it can be intense but it is most definitely worth it!

As a woman, how do you think Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change?

Growing up in Tottenham, it has always been a place where I have seen women run businesses and I am happy to say as more and more new business pops up locally it’s great to see many women taking the helm in their own initiatives.

The area is changing and the demographic of Tottenham has really shifted recently. As I have lived here for so long I have seen cultures come and go, but what I think is nice, is that Tottenham still has a strong community. Many new neighbours of mine have described it as having a 'village' feel.

Change?! Tottenham has always been lively, so I wouldn't want to change too much! The current mix we have of old and new (people and business) is great. I'd love for us to keep this energy of merging we have going on at the moment and just keep building on that.

It’s a shame that some neighbouring areas loose that special something that brought people there in the first place. My hope is that we keep our sparkle!

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham?

The convenience and variety of business & services in the area is great. There is continuously new and exciting things popping up. There was a time not so long ago you needed to hop on the bus or tube to find somewhere special to have dinner or to find an amazing massage therapist. But not anymore! 😊

Also with our parks and green spaces I think we're super spoilt! I love to spend time between Downhills Park and Lordship Recreation Ground whether it be exercise, sunbathing or family fun!

Supporting our local business and services is important to me.

Anything you would like to add?

Self-care is something that I think we all need to be aware of and consciously make time for. My focus is to encourage a new way to look at self-care (body work or massage) more as maintenance and less as luxury.

It’s continuously said that we live in a time poor society but 30 – 60mins each month shouldn’t be too much to carve out for yourself

I began Massage in Motion as an opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to build a business that was fulfilling for me. It has naturally developed into a trusted service that is a ‘go to’ for many people to really bring about change in both their physical and emotional needs. Whether people come for treatments at the therapy space or at Tottenham Green Market, I think they know there is a consistent and effective session waiting for them.

Photo Supplied: Leonie at Tottenham Green Market.

I am proud to be a service that caters to everyone from pregnant and new mums, to those competing in sports, recovering from serious illness or surgery and everyone in between.

So my advice is, in any way that suits you, make time for you!

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