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Tottenham Tarot Reading

Jessica Rosset is a tarot reader & astrologer. Her style is quite different from the typically known "Fortune Teller", as she uses her background in analytical psychology together with tarot as a personal tool for healing and development. Originally from Brazil and now based in Tottenham, Jessica practices her craft through her company Velvet Venus. Rachel Ho caught up with her to find out more.

Photo supplied: Jessica Rosset, Tarot Reader & Astrologer

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in Sao Paulo, the big city in Brazil. I lived in the same area for 17 years and after that, I moved to the south of Brazil. My dad used to do a lot of things, from building furniture to being a chef in Portugal. Now he has a restaurant in Brazil with my stepmother.

For me is always hard to try to compare an area from my city to an area here in London. Everything is so different, not only visually, but especially how it makes me feel. I don’t have anything that I could point similar to Tottenham.

For the 17 years that I spent in Sao Paulo, I didn't see the number of changes that I've seen being in Tottenham for the last two years. I am amazed at how things have organically expanded, and here we have this feeling that one thing is connected to the other one. It’s not like a crazy nonsense expansion, every movement here seems to be created in a chain.

Being 17 years in the same area also made me very passionate about the diversity here, the chance to meet people from anywhere, hearing different languages, having foods from so many different places so close to home.

Describe your relationship to Tottenham.

I always think that is a nice coincidence the fact that Tottenham is the first neighbourhood that I visited and stayed here in London. At the time I had absolutely no clue that I would live in this city, and especially in the same area. I remember that since the first day I was amazed by the little shops, the different cultures along the main roads.

It is normal to hear “But you live so far” and I always think this is funny, cause I never ever felt this way. For me is easy to get anywhere, and more than this, I have the feeling that being in Tottenham we don’t even need to go somewhere else to get or have anything, we have everything here – and more! Five minutes from home I can find 90% of every Brazilian food that I could miss, as we have a lot of Brazilian markets and restaurants around.

One thing that I learned here, is somehow to feel safe. Brazil is like a lot of other places where as a woman you can’t simply use your natural right to go home and feel safe, and this is something that I learned how to feel, being here. Of course, sometimes you can see some “weird behaviours” along the way home, but somehow London gave me this empowerment where I don’t cross the street or feel that I have to look at the floor if I see a group of people. It’s a real feeling of home.

Photo supplied: Jessica Rosset, tarot reading

A Tarot Reader & Astrologer seems like an interesting profession - how did you get into that line of work?

It’s hard to explain cause even myself I can’t remember my interest started. I know that when I was around eight years old, I was reading astrology weekly magazines, even if no one that I knew at that time had any interest in the subject. It was something natural, we used to go to the magazine store, my brother would probably pick a hero comic book and I would ask for my astrology one.

It was fate who decided to make it more serious.

I used to go to work with my auntie at her coffee shop. One day a customer forgot a book called Star Signs, by Linda Goodman. I read that book in two days, I couldn’t think about anything else. My auntie said that if the customer didn’t come back for it, she would let me keep it. Of course, she didn’t come back; that book was made to cross my path! I was 14 at that time, and after that book, I started to be the “signs” girl at school, the one you ask “So I met this Pisces person, is it a good match”?

I never thought this would be my profession, only my passion! I started my Bachelor in Psychology, got in love with Jung and his analytical theory and at the same time life was shaking me, turning everything upside down for me to be the person I needed to be! I left Brazil, I had life experiences that made me not learn, but really feel and live everything that Jung was trying to explain - the searching for meaning, the hero journey, the soul meeting. From what I was studying, I was learning more and more that everything was connected. Astrology, numerology, tarot and other therapies…

They are just different names to read your fate, your path. I can have psychology case studies that would have the same meaningful points as the same person’s zodiac chart.

Jung stopped his work for three years to study tarot. He told Freud: “I will come back from the universe with answers that you would never dream of”. His wife was an astrologer, and his work is so rich in symbols and archetypes. I knew that I would never be able to be a “regular” psychologist, especially if being convinced that my work needed to be around the healing of the soul.

Tarot was simply a natural conclusion of this revelation. Tarot is a way to project our complexes and introjected archetypes, to translate the language of the unconscious. For me if I try to explain what do I do now, I would say that some people might feel that the universe talks to us, but they simply can’t understand the words, the language, so my work would be a translator, a helper, to make the other one able to visualise the path for their own journeys. I am blessed to be able to do this here, at my place in Tottenham!

Now I want to focus on women. As my understanding is that every woman called a witch, was only a woman with knowledge. A woman who knew how to heal, to balance, to watch nature, to understand her body, to support her community. This is power. And tarot is a tool to bring back knowledge and power, to give voice. I am developing a project to teach the woman how to read daily a message for themselves and make records of it, in order to visualise and understand what is happening around them.

Photo by Fernanda Beraldo for Velvet Venus

Tell us about Velvet Venus. What is it and why did you start it?

Velvet Venus was my Christmas present from my boyfriend Robin. I have a lot of ideas and sensations, but I lack in planning and practice sometimes. The universe always tries to balance energies, and I was blessed with an Aquarius and Capricorn Venus boyfriend. Capricorns are extremely efficient, logical, they make a business out of a stone if it’s necessary, and Aquarius has all the creativity and exploration.

Robin is a Digital Artist, so on Christmas,he gave me all the concept, logo, website, printed versions of the Zodiac Charts, everything needed to start Velvet Venus! He knew before I knew myself, that with Velvet Venus I could explore and expand my skills.

After this, he created our WTCH_Box, a subscription box with magical and healing products and a personalised tarot forecast for the month. So Velvet Venus became my brand and a way to have customers from other places rather than just London and Brazil.

Photo by by Robin Gardeur : WTCH_Box

As a woman, how do you think Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change?

I arrived in London two years ago and the differences in these two years are already so relevant! I love to see how now we have more bars, clubs, and how this is bringing more people to the area.

As a woman, this year I am more connected to projects being done by other local women such as painting classes, yoga sessions and herbal classes. For me, every exchange is so valuable and it makes me happy to see that there is a place where we care about standing by and supporting each other.

To be honest I am more worried if to see if the future changes here too much, rather than wondering what I would change now. I think every progression is positive if we maintain the essence, and I really hope that we manage to do it.

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham?

My actual favourite thing is buying French Cheese in the Sunday Food Market!

I like the fact that some cafes are opened till late, so I can go if I have extra work.

I've recently started art classes with Hannah Place, which I am very excited about! Also, I am obsessed with supermarkets, so I must mention how I love our Lidl.

I love the underground secret party scene that is moving from other locations in London to Tottenham now. I feel blessed to be able to party for 8 hours and go home walking.

Tottenham has my favourite food places ever; Polish food at Light Bite, Brazilian Rice & Beans and French Chicken at Coloc2Ouf. So hard to choose one favourite thing to do!

Anything you would like to add?

Projects like this make me even more excited with our area and relate to my personal values and where I want to lead my work; supporting and understanding. Seeing each other as sisters and not as rivals. We are a community and we are lucky to be able to express it!

Photo supplied: Jessica Rosset, tarot reading

Find out more about Jessica and her work:

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