Vibrant Blooming Landscapes

Carla Harding is a Tottenham abstract landscape artist who paints brights vibrant floral pieces inspired by childhood summer holidays. Carla is launching her "Summer Bloom" Exhibition on 1st June at Craving Coffee, so Rachel Ho had a quick chat with her to find out a little bit more.

Photo supplied: Carla Harding

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up running around Hackney Marshes and the Lea Valley Nature reserve. My mum worked at the Hackney Gazette and then moved on to the Homerton Hospital.

What is your relationship to Tottenham?

My husband and I moved to Bruce Grove around 5 years ago, where we have been bringing up our young family.

Photo supplied: One of Carla's landscapes

How did you get into art and what inspires you?

I’ve always been creative and it always seemed the natural course for me. I have a 1st class degree in illustration but I started painting landscapes after the birth of my second child. I love nature and dramatic skies and my style – splattering, pouring and dribbling acrylic paint onto canvas – tries to evoke a feeling of optimism and cheerfulness.

What are some of the challenges of doing art as a profession and how do you overcome them?

Being a professional artist has lots of different challenges - effective marketing, finding places to exhibit and turning admirers into paying customers! I’ve learnt a lot since I stared two years ago and I guess the best way to overcome any challenges in starting a new business is to research and persevere.

As a woman, how do you think that Tottenham has changed? What would you like to see change?

In the relatively short time we have lived here I have seen a huge change. I think it’s really important that a balance is found between developing the area and not ostracising communities that have been here for a long time. I’m regularly challenging myself to be the solution and not the problem.

Photo supplied: Carla's landscapes

Favourite thing to do in Tottenham?

Yoga at the Hub, pizza at San Marco and walks around the Lordship Rec.

Anything you would like to add?

I’m really looking forward to my next exhibition at Craving Coffee, the launch is on Friday 1st June and the pictures will be up for the whole month.

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Photo supplied: One of Carla's landscapes

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