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Yes, that's me.

Our third Meet Up & Networking event on took place on 29th October 2019, where we had a fantastic evening and a wonderful taste of the diverse, interesting and talented spectrum of women we have in Tottenham and why we love that so much!

Big thanks to WondR WomN for the amazing hip hop performance, Menopause Army for the mind-bending virtual puppetry, Fiona Stone for heartfelt poetry and Anj Cairns for again recording it creatively with Crowd Sourced Poetry (see the result below).

And thanks to The Bluecoats for continuing to support our events by hosting us again and we look forward to the next one!

Photos from the networking event featuring WondR WomN, Rachel Ho, Menopause Army, Anj Cairns and Fiona Stone.

Yes, that’s me.

There was a fantasist in the room.

Yes, that’s me.

It was a rude awakening.

Those people need a lot of support.

I’m very intrigued about that

Because it’s shit at the moment with Brexit and now the election.

I’ve never seen anything like it before

And I’ve spent my whole life fiddling around with puppets.

Now the stuffing is falling out

But she tried to block it out

And she’s not playing.

There are quite a few people here tonight who don’t know anyone else.

So, were you a paper girl?

Were you a road sweeper?

And did you like Lego when you were little

Yes, that’s me.

There are so many random things that you say like

Always wear clean knickers

And cauliflower is so underrated

And the killer whale has the menopause

And nobody wants a random tower,

But I know you’re not a gardener

More like a little bit on the cusp.

Yes, that’s me.


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